A Civil Society Coalition to Submit Judicial Review on the 2011 State Budget-Tempo


A Civil Society Coalition to Submit Judicial Review on the 2011 State Budget
Monday, 24 January, 2011 | 15:28 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Civil Society Coalition for the Advocacy of the Welfare will submit an appeal for a judicial review of the 2011 State Budget to the Constitutional Court. Yuna Farhan, a representative from the coalition, said that the regulations, contained many unconstitutional clauses, especially in relation to the people’s welfare.

“The 2011 State Budget is unsconstitutional because it fails to fulfill the mandate to improve people’s welfare ” said Yuna in Jakarta yesterday. “It also means that the government is not concerned with people’s welfare.”

Another Coalition Member, Ucok Sky Khadafi, said that several indicators showed that the 2011 State Budget does not fit the constitutional mandate. First, it only concerns with bureaucratic prosperity without thinking about the people’s welfare. For example, the government increased spending for state employee to Rp 18.1 trillion and also increase official’s travel budget to Rp 4.9 trillion.

“Spending related to people’s interest have declined,” said Ucok. As an example, he said that subvention and social aid had decreased by Rp 13.6 trillion and Rp8 trillion.

The second indication was that the health budget will also be slashed. In the 2011 state budget, health spending decilned by Rp6.1 trillion, which seems to contradict article 34 verse 3 of the 1945 Constitution about the state’s obligation to provide feasible health facility to its people.

Besides contradicting the constitution, it also goes against article 171 verse 1of the health decree saying that the government must allocate 5 percent of the sate budget for health expenditures. “In 2011, the health expenditures constituted only 0.5 percent of the budget,” said Ucok.

The third indication, still according to Ucok, is that there were still illegal funds in the name of regional balancing. The last one is the responsibility of the people’s social security. “In the 2011 budget, there is no fund allocation for developing a social security system,” he said.

Constitutional Court chairman Mahfud Md. could not be reached for confirmation, He did not pick up his mobile phone and he did not reply to Tempo’s short messages.


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