Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy: Ian Freckelton, Hugh Selby

Expert Evidence: Law, Practice, Procedure and Advocacy

Ian Freckelton

Hugh Selby

Lawbook Co 2002

  1. Introduction
  2. Rules of Expert Evidence
  3. The Expertise Rule
  4. The Area of Expertise Rule
  5. The Basis Rule
  6. The Common Knowledge Rule
  7. The Ultimate Issue Rule
  8. Discretionary Exclusion of Expert Evidence
  9. Judicial Notice
  10. Appeals Arising From Expert Evidence
  11. Novel Psychological Evidence
  12. Trauma Evidence
  13. Scientific Evidence
  14. DNA Profiling Evidence
  15. Fingerprinting Evidence
  16. Document Analysis
  17. Tracker Dog Evidence
  18. Civil and Criminal Liability of Expert Witnesses
  19. Experts’ Reports
  20. Payment of Experts
  21. Court-appointed Experts
  22. Referees
  23. Practice Rules and Codes of Ethics
  24. Examination-in-Chief of the Expert Witness
  25. Cross-examination of the Expert Witness
  26. Re-examination of the Expert Witness
  27. Sentencing
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